Are we compatible?


Most escorts are like diners, where they serve a little bit of everything but the quality is mostly mediocre at best. I, on the other hand, am like that restaurant you go to when you’re craving that one dish you can’t find anywhere else, and the chef may not let you order off the deliberately limited menu, but by god, nobody makes that one dish like he does.

Chances are we’re compatible if you:

  • Find YouTube videos of guys flexing hotter than most porn.
  • See a hot guy and fixate on his muscles, not his dick or asshole.(This doesn’t mean I don’t like nudity, but my body should be the main attraction. There is nothing more pathetic or idiotic than someone who thinks I’m a life-support system for a dick or an asshole.)
  • Think the safest things also happen to be the hottest: muscle worship, gut punching (specifically where I’m the guy getting punched, as seen in my videos) nipple play, body contact, playful “wrestling around,” affection, j.o.

I love being the bigger/stronger guy, the smaller/weaker guy or evenly matched with the other guy. I love dominating and being dominated. I have no wrestling skills but love to playfully “wrestle around.” I love giving and receiving bear hugs and testing each other’s strength. I love arm wrestling (again, no technique here). I love getting pounded in the abs and chest and will gladly reciprocate if the guy likes that too. I love the pump all that exertion gives both our muscles, and I love feeling wiped out afterwards. If you consider that foreplay, you’re not doing it right.

Also, I think anal sex is seriously overrated, especially in the context of casual sex. It has nothing to do with why I’m gay. And while oral sex can be fun in the unlikely event that the guy giving head knows what he’s doing, I don’t think it’s very smart or ethical to do it casually given the rise of antibiotic resistance. The era of cheap, easily cured sexually transmitted infections is coming to a close. ANAL AND ORAL SEX ARE OFF THE MENU when it comes to hooking up with me. Yes, you can touch me dick; no, you can’t suck it. Yes, you can grab my ass; no, you can’t fuck, finger, or rim my hole, and no, I won’t suck your dick or fuck, finger, or rim your hole.

As for kissing, that is strictly a matter of chemistry, which can’t be predicted in advance. I’m not going to pretend to enjoy kissing someone if I don’t, and the only people who demand promises re kissing are people who can’t kiss to save their lives. If you can’t stand not knowing whether or not we’ll be kissing, DON’T CONTACT me.

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