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I'm a Houston-based artist. I write, paint, and make videos, not always in that order.

September/October comings and goings

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Through Sept 20 Houston
Sept 21-24 San Francisco
Sept 25-26 Grand Rapids, Michigan (limited availability)
Sept 26-28 Ann Arbor / Detroit / Cleveland
Sept 28-Oct 1 Los Angeles
Oct 2 Return to Houston
Oct 5-6 Washington, D.C.
Oct 7-14 Unavailable
Oct 15 New York City (limited availablity)
Oct 16 Return to Houston

Check out my rates and whether we’re compatible. If so, email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com.

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August (and some September) comings and goings

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Aug. 1-4 Houston
Aug. 5-6 Secaucus, New Jersey (limited availability)
Aug. 7-10 Houston
Aug. 11 Cincinnati (limited availability)
Aug. 12-13 Columbus, Ohio
Aug. 14-16 West Virginia (location TBD)
Aug. 17 Columbus, Ohio
Aug. 18 return to Houston
Aug. 19-24 Houston
Aug. 25 Washington, D.C.
Aug. 26-27 Philadelphia area (limited availability)
Aug. 28-31 Washington, D.C.

Known September dates:

Sept. 1 Washington, D.C.
Sept. 2 Norfolk, Virginia
Sept. 3 Richmond, Virginia
Sept. 4 Washington, D.C. or Baltimore
Sept. 5 Return to Houston
Sept. 21-24 San Francisco
Sept. 25-26 Grand Rapids, Michigan (limited availability)

Info about rates here. Click here to see if we’re compatible. Email homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com to set up a meeting.