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Early Summer Travels

In Houston through May 29
New Haven, CT May 30
New York City May 31-June 3
Myrtle Beach, SC June 4-5
Unavailable June 6
Charlotte, NC June 7
back to Houston June 8
Portland, OR June 10-13
Seattle June 13-15
Houston June 16-18
Columbus June 19
Pittsburgh June 20-21
Philadelphia June 22-23
Washington, D.C. June 24-25
Back to Houston June 26

Additional plans will likely include the following areas (not necessarily in this order):

Chicago | South Florida
Detroit | New England

Please read the compatibility page and if you’re interested in meeting, fill out this contact form or email me at

February, March, April travels

In Houston through Feb. 12
Washington, D.C. Feb. 13-14
Philadelphia Feb. 15
Media, Penn. (limited availability) Feb. 16-17
Washington, DC. or Baltimore Feb. 18
back in Houston Feb. 19-March 26
Unavailable March 27
Columbus, Ohio March 28-29
Cleveland March 29-30
Toledo, Ohio March 30
Detroit / Grand Rapids, Mich. March 31
Grand Rapids, Mich. April 1-2
Detroit April 2-3
Back to Houston April 3
Hope, Arkansas (limited availability) April 19-20
Dallas April 21
Back to Houston April 22

Interested in meeting? Please read the compatibility and rates pages before emailing me at

December travels

Tampa/St. Petersburg Dec. 3-4
Unavailable Dec. 5
Miami Dec. 6-9
Houston Dec. 9-11
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Dec. 12
New York City Dec. 13-14
Unavailable Dec. 15-16
Albany, N.Y. Dec. 17-18
Washington, D.C. Dec. 19-20
Richmond, Va. Dec. 21
Unavailable Dec. 22-26
Charlotte, N.C. Dec. 27-28
Back to Houston Dec. 28

Interested in meeting? Fill out the contact form on my meetups page.


I’m home in Houston for most of the month, but I’ll be in Washington, D.C. Oct. 17-18, unavailable Oct. 19-20, and in Washington, D.C. again Oct. 21, returning to Houston Oct. 22. Then I’m in Atlanta October 30 and 31, returning to Houston November 1.

Interested in meeting? Please fill out the contact form at this link

May comings and goings

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I’m doing something a little different this month and mostly taking the train around the country! I enjoy rail travel and find I’m more productive editing video (both for my clip stores and for my new Art Companion YouTube channel) on the train than in a hotel room after a day of flying, so we’ll see how I do on some of the marathon journeys like Houston to Los Angeles, LA to Portland and Seattle to Chicago.

Interested in getting together? I have a new contact form on this page I’d love you to fill out.

May 2-3 Los Angeles (all day both days, leave early May 4)
May 5-6 Portland, Oregon (leave early May 7)
May 7-9 Seattle
May 11-15 Chicago
May 15-17 Indianapolis (arrive very late May 15)
May 17-21 Columbus, Ohio
May 22-23 Houston (all day both days)
May 24-25 Washington, DC / Baltimore areas
May 26-27 Philadelphia area (limited availability)
May 28-June 1 Washington, DC