May comings and goings

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I’m doing something a little different this month and mostly taking the train around the country! I enjoy rail travel and find I’m more productive editing video (both for my clip stores and for my new Art Companion YouTube channel) on the train than in a hotel room after a day of flying, so we’ll see how I do on some of the marathon journeys like Houston to Los Angeles, LA to Portland and Seattle to Chicago.

Interested in getting together? I have a new contact form on this page I’d love you to fill out.

May 2-3 Los Angeles (all day both days, leave early May 4)
May 5-6 Portland, Oregon (leave early May 7)
May 7-9 Seattle
May 11-15 Chicago
May 15-17 Indianapolis (arrive very late May 15)
May 17-21 Columbus, Ohio
May 22-23 Houston (all day both days)
May 24-25 Washington, DC / Baltimore areas
May 26-27 Philadelphia area (limited availability)
May 28-June 1 Washington, DC

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