May comings and goings

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I’m doing something a little different this month and mostly taking the train around the country! I enjoy rail travel and find I’m more productive editing video (both for my clip stores and for my new Art Companion YouTube channel) on the train than in a hotel room after a day of flying, so we’ll see how I do on some of the marathon journeys like Houston to Los Angeles, LA to Portland and Seattle to Chicago.

Interested in getting together? I have a new contact form on this page I’d love you to fill out.

May 2-3 Los Angeles (all day both days, leave early May 4)
May 5-6 Portland, Oregon (leave early May 7)
May 7-9 Seattle
May 11-15 Chicago
May 15-17 Indianapolis (arrive very late May 15)
May 17-21 Columbus, Ohio
May 22-23 Houston (all day both days)
May 24-25 Washington, DC / Baltimore areas
May 26-27 Philadelphia area (limited availability)
May 28-June 1 Washington, DC

Back in Houston. Where next?

I’m based in Houston but travel frequently to various parts of the United States (no international travel). If you live in another country and can’t travel here, consider buying some of my videos or a cam show instead. If you’re in the United States or can travel here, these are the best ways to make a meetup happen:

– By underwriting a video production. Guys who want to meet, let alone film, muscle worship and gut-punching sessions are few and far between, so even though some of the videos are produced in Houston it takes a lot of travel to keep new content coming both to the blog and to the clip stores. You can help offset those costs by renting my companionship servicesclick here to see if we’re compatible. This is an ideal option for guys who like the videos but prefer private, unfilmed, 100% confidential encounters.

– By participating in a video production, either as a model, running the camera, or (ideally) both. You may wear a mask and as much/little clothing as you’re comfortable with, but you’ll need to sign a model release form and let me scan or photograph your driver’s license for proof of age.

– By providing location or logistical support for a video production, most commonly in the form of letting me stay and film at your place when I travel. Note: this won’t be right for everybody. It does matter what your location has to offer and whether I’d be more or less comfortable than if I were at a hotel. But if you’re near a lot of interesting stuff and there are interesting filming opportunities at or near your place, this could work — especially if there are art museums nearby that I can hit up to gather content for my new YouTube channel Art Companion. (Please subscribe!)

If one of the above options might work, please complete this contact form and we’ll get started on figuring out how we can meet in person soon.